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Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
  • Tagatesse słodzik w tabletkach
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Tagatesse sweetener tablets with tagatose


Tagatose is a natural sugar found in lactose. Only under the microscope one can distinguish between tagatose and sugar crystals. This new product conquers the hearts of fans of sweets and is increasingly replacing ordinary sugar. Tagatosis can be used by diabetics, obese people, and all those who want to lose weight or simply look for a healthy alternative to vegetable sugar.

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The new packaging - opening dispenser, can be supplemented with tablets.

What is tagatosis?

Tagatose is a natural sugar that occurs in lactose. Lactose is broken down into galactose and glucose in the hydrolysis process. Galactose is then processed into tagatose in an enzymatic process. After final cleaning, a white crystalline structure with a perfect taste of natural sugar is formed. The resulting tagatose crystals contain no traces of lactose or glucose. Tagatosis occurs naturally in various dairy products and fruits.

Tagatose was discovered by an American pharmaceutical company for the treatment of patients with intestinal cancer. Tagatose restores the proper composition of the digestive tract flora. It later became clear that tagatose had many other advantages, that is why a global producer of dairy products bought a license for tagatose, but failed to produce tagatosis at a competitive price. Five years ago, Damhert developed the technology of cheap production of tagatose and its use in various food products.

The combination of Tagatesse ingredients means that Tagatesse can be used in cold and hot dishes. Tagatose under the influence of heat caramelized in a brown color. In addition, Tagatesse can be an addition to hot drinks, fruit and yoghurts ... wherever we use ordinary sugar.

The most important information about tagatoza

Tagatose was discovered by an international pharmaceutical group for post-operative treatment of bowel cancer. Good taste of tagatosis and many other advantages were discovered later, including:

  • Very low glycemic index IG: tagatosis practically does not raise blood sugar levels. This property makes it a sweetener suitable for diabetics type I & II
  • It is a natural sweetener. Tagatose was isolated from lactose, which is found in dairy products. Tagatose is not a synthetic or artificial sweetener
  • She is friendly to teeth; does not cause tooth decay
  • It has probiotic properties; supports the digestive tract flora, proper intestinal function and digestion.
  • It has a low calorie of 1.5 kcal / g, while ordinary sugar - 4 kcal / g
  • It looks and tastes like sugar
  • It does not leave an artificial aftertaste
  • It does not cause stomach aches

Application of Tagatosis

Tagatesse is easy to use: it is twice as sweet as regular sugar, so it's enough to use half as much. Tagatesse is best kept in closed containers. It is important that Tagatesse does not come in contact with moisture (steam, wet spoon, etc.), because it creates solids and becomes hard.
A few simple tips that will help you roast using tagatos:

  • It should be baked for longer at a lower temperature (eg 170 ° C)
  • It should be ensured that the baked goods are moist, for example by adding apple slices, or jam sweetened with tagatose.
  • Optionally, you should cover the baked goods with baking foil (for the last 10 minutes) so that the dish will not change color to brown.


Extensive research has shown that tagatose is an excellent alternative to sucrose and other sweeteners. In 1999, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which deals with the release of food for consumption in the US, ruled that tagatose is an absolutely safe food ingredient. This was confirmed by the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) in 2007. Tagatose is not a sweetener, nor a polyol. In 2005, the tagtose was classified as a new food ingredient. Because it is a natural ingredient, it has not received the E classifier. More information on scientific research can be found on the Nutrilab NV website www.nutrilab.be

Nutrition Facts

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Tagatesse sweetener tablets with tagatose

Net weight: 6g (dispenser 100 tablets)

Ingredients: 39.9% isomalt, 20% tagatose, 20% erytrol, dietary fiber: inulin, oligosaccharides, sucralose (0.02%).

Ingestion in excessive amounts may cause a laxative effect.

Manufacturer: produced by Damhert NVSA, Kapelstraat 154. B-3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Importer: NATURALIA, ul. Smetany 1/19, 00-783 Warsaw

Storage: store in a dry place, protected from light.