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More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
  • More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g
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More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Rice Pudding Cinnamon 150g

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Based on chicory fiber (fiber accounts for approx. 50% of the mass of the Chunky Flavor flavoring mixture), food flavor in powder with the addition of the lactase enzyme responsible for digesting lactose contained in milk.

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More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Vegan Pumpkin Spice sweetened flavor of pumpkin cake powder with the addition of Ceylon cinnamon and caramel, based on a large amount of plant fiber, enriched with the enzyme responsible for digesting lactose contained in milk, lactase. Vegan flavour, dairy-free.

Flavor powder for quark, yoghurt, coffee & Co. - versatility has never been so delicious

Quark, low-fat quark, natural yoghurt and skyr don't taste good on their own or do you cause a bloated stomach due to the lactose they contain? One spoonful of CHUNKY FLAVOR later and you will never want to miss the food with the powder again. With our flavor powders you can upgrade boring dairy products in no time at all. In addition, the lactase it contains improves digestion in people who have problems digesting lactose. The unique recipe of the powder also ensures a particularly creamy consistency. Do you already know oursQuark of the gods? It will definitely melt in your mouth. Quark dishes rarely end up on your table? With the CHUNKY FLAVOR powder you can flavor many other dishes, for example cakes or delicious desserts - without any sugar and with hardly any additional calories. Caffeine junkies in particular will find use for the chocolaty flavors of the aroma powder. Because with a spoon of CHUNKY FLAVOR you can conjure up delicious chocolate coffee at home. The chocolate-flavored powders are also ideal as a substitute for cocoa powder. Who doesn't like to start the day like that?

CHUNKY FLAVOR - Pimp Your Breakfast

The versatility of our product pays off. Because you can add the flavor powder to quark or low-fat quark, yoghurt or skyr as well as porridge or muesli, it never gets boring on the breakfast table. Do you rarely treat yourself to pancakes? With CHUNKY FLAVOR as a sugar substitute, you can enjoy delicious pancakes in the morning without a guilty conscience. Add a cup of chocolate coffee and the breakfast ritual is complete. Without having to forego sweet treats.

With us, all tastes get their money's worth

Do you prefer it fruity, chocolaty or do you like to try out unusual varieties? From the fruity variety of strawberry cream candy to classics such as vanilla and chocolate to tingling Happy Candy Pop - at More Nutrition all tastes get their moneys worth. What do all the flavors have in common? There are real bits in every can -chocolate chunks, coconut flakes, biscuit bits and more. In order to be able to provide you with new flavors on a regular basis, we are continuously developing our CHUNKY FLAVOR powder. If you want to try our current range, you can order our cheap CHUNKY FLAVOR samples. If you are not convinced of a taste, you do not take any risks with the small sample. Tastes are different. If you haven't found your favorite flavor yet, you can use our small sample packages to taste your way through our range without risk.



Is the flavor powder lactose-free?

Are you lactose intolerant? Our flavor powders contain lactase, which means that you can also eat the CHUNKY FLAVOR varieties with dairy products. The lactase it contains improves lactose digestion in people who have difficulty digesting lactose. An uncomfortable feeling of fullness or a bloated stomach are avoided. Globally, over 6.5% of the post-infancy population has problems digesting lactose.1 Many people are not even aware of their lactose problem and instead wonder about a bloated stomach after consuming dairy products.

I want to loose weight. Is CHUNKY FLAVOR suitable for a diet?

CHUNKY FLAVOR helps you lose weight, as you can save a considerable amount of sugar and thus calories - without going hungry. Thanks to our unique recipe, you can feast without a guilty conscience during your diet. Losing weight has never been so delicious. With our flavor powders you can prepare a variety of desserts with few calories. Sweeteners such as sucralose and steviol glycosides ensure that our flavor powders deliver just 8 to M kcal per serving. Those who sweeten with our CHUNKY FLAVOR powders can do without sugar completely. Of course, this also has a positive effect on our body. Due to the contained sucralose, the blood sugar level rises less after consumption than in comparison to foods containing sugar. Because sweeteners have been scientifically proven not to increase blood sugar levels and thus do not trigger insulin release or cravings. 23 This can prevent severe blood sugar fluctuations and even reduce food cravings. You have probably already felt hungry a short time later after consuming sweets such as ice cream or chocolate. This is due to the large amount of the combination of fat, sugar and salt found in most desserts. Such foods do not exactly help us stick to our diet. Thanks to the tried and tested composition of our aromatic powder, food cravings are also a thing of the past. Our flavor powders already help thousands of people lose weight every day. Find out for yourself whether CHUNKY FLAVOR can also help you to reach your dream weight. With our samples you can try out our range without any risk.

Are the flavor powders suitable for baking?

Our CHUNKY FLAVOR powders are not only suitable for baking, they turn any conventional recipe into a real culinary delight. Whether it's a lemon cheesecake cheesecake, a chocolate biscuit roll with a milk chocolate flavor or brownies with a chocolate peanut flavor - versatility has never been so delicious.

How much powder is necessary for the optimal aroma?

Each can of CHUNKY FLAVOR comes with a small measuring spoon that contains exactly 3 grams. This amount also corresponds to our consumption recommendation. Simply add a measuring spoon of the aroma powder to the food of your choice - for example quark, yoghurt or coffee - add water if necessary and stir well. If you want to flavor the dough with the flavor powder when baking, you will find the dosage recommendations in the description of the respective recipe. Of course, the information is only a recommendation. If you like it sweeter or less sweet, you can adjust the dosage as you wish. Because even if you add a spoon more to your food, with CHUNKY FLAVOR as a sweetener you can feast without regrets.

Nutrition Facts

Portion 3g

Nutrition values per:
Portion 3g

More Nutrition Chunky Flavor Milchreis-Zimt - vegan flavoring mixture, rice milk flavor with cinnamon, for use in energy-reduced meals, with sugar and sweeteners

Net weight: 150g

Ingredients: Inulin (chicory root fiber), aromas, sweeteners sucralose and steviol glycosides, enzyme lactase, anti-caking agent silicon dioxide, Ceylon cinnamon 0.6%, salt, ground bourbon vanilla bean 0.07%.

Nutritional values per 100g: energy value 212.0kcal/861.0kJ, fat 0.5g (including saturated fat 0.1g), carbohydrates 16.0g (including sugars 9.3g), fiber 73.0g, protein 0, 8g, salt 0.6g

Nutritional values in 3g: energy value 6.3kcal/25.8kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 0.4g (including sugars 0.2g), fiber 2.1g, protein 0, 0g, salt 0.0g

Manufacturer: Made in Germany for Quality First GmbH, MORE NUTRITION, Äußere Wiener Str. 11, 93055 Regensburg, Germany

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place, protect from sunlight. Close the package tightly after each use, the product is susceptible to absorbing moisture.

HOW TO USE: Mix 3g of Chunky Flavor with 300g of cottage cheese, yogurt or other selected dish, the amount can be adjusted to individual preferences.