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Energy gels 7 products

Jelly Belly Extreme Sports Beans® with 50mg caffeine Watermelon

Energy gels with caffeine flavored with watermelon, contain only natural flavors and natural fruit juice. Caffeine improves training efficiency by increasing endurance, carbohydrates provide "fuel" to the muscles, electrolytes help maintain fluid balance in the body and vitamins optimize energy expenditure and protect cells from oxidative damage.
6.65 PLNVAT incl.6.16 zł VAT excl. + 8% TAX
6.65 PLNVAT incl.6.16 zł VAT excl. + 8% TAX

OneGum chewing gum with 50mg caffeinated flavor sugar-free mint with vitamins B3, B6, B12

OneGum is a quick, easy and effective way to boost energy. One gum equals 50mg of caffeine and vitamins (see ingredients tab for exact amounts). You will feel the caffeine kick after 5 minutes of chewing gum - no sugar, no calories, the speed of action of the gum is due to the form of caffeine.
11.44 PLNVAT incl.10.59 zł VAT excl. + 8% TAX
11.44 PLNVAT incl.10.59 zł VAT excl. + 8% TAX

Energy gels for athletes

The category of energy gels is quite unusual in our store. Most of the products offered at have a low calorie content, no sugar, high protein content. Energy gels are an exception. These are products intended to be consumed before or during the workout, allowing for more effective and more intense exercise. People limiting sugar / carbohydrates in their diet often encounter the problem of lack of energy appearing during intense exercise. While our body has no problem with obtaining energy from fat in normal conditions, in the case of intense physical activity, you'll need easily digestible carbohydrates. Energy gels provide you with exactly the energy you need for effective training. This category of products is quite widely available in sports stores, however, at Guiltfree we took care of expanding the range available in Poland. You will find here, among others energy gel with a taste of salted caramel (a real treat) and energy beans Jelly Belly.