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The Largest Diet Store with Light Products

Hello! is the largest food store for athletes and people on a diet
Since you are here (which makes us very happy) it means that you want to change something. Perhaps you have decided that by summer your body will look like a magazine cover, maybe you want to look great at a wedding, you are getting ready for a bodyfitness competition, you decide to quit sugar or you just want to take care of yourself. No matter what the reason you are here (unless you are looking for the world's fattest donuts) you will surely find something for yourself. Most people visiting Guiltfree (especially those who are here for the first time) feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information and products available (no wonder, we are without a doubt the largest light and zero calorie store in Poland). But head up, this guide will make you feel at home soon (we have customers who are more familiar with our product range than we do. Yes, seriously!). Soon you will understand which categories are created for you, learn to use filters and the flavor search engine, and then, from thousands of light products available from us, those tailored exactly to your diet will emerge. Here it is a bit like in a supermarket, categories are alleys, subcategories are shelves, regulars quickly find their favorite items and return to proven products, there are also novelty enthusiasts who try to discover new flavors every time and diversify their diet as much as possible. And that's where we're going to start this guide ...

Diversifying the diet with light products
This is one of the main tasks of our store. Let's say you are following the Oxy Diet (or any other diet is just an example). This diet is aimed at rapid weight loss. By using it, you significantly reduce carbohydrates and fat, you get calories mainly from protein. The first few days are quite simple, you eat a lot of meat, fish, lean cottage cheese, wash it down with a protein shake ... But after a while you get fed up. You search the internet for high-protein recipes that will diversify your diet. Thanks to variety - the small rewards you give yourself, it is much easier to stick to your resolution and strict dietary rules. If you have been following a diet for some time, you know very well what the phrase "something is following you" means.

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