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Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
  • Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
  • Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
  • Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
  • Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
  • Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
  • Bolero ze stewią Arbuz  - 1kcal, mix na 1,5L
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Bolero Drink

Bolero Drink Stevia Watermelon, instant, sachet 9g

Expiration date: 12.04.2026In stock

New formula! Bolero with stew, no artificial colors, aromas and preservatives, enriched with vitamin C. Sachet to be mixed with 1.5L of water. The sweetened stevia refreshing watermelon drink is sugar-free and has only 1kcal.

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Net weight 9 g; 19.89zł/100g

Main flavor: Flavor arbuz – click to show other products with this flavor

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Bolero Drink's undesirable sachet conveys a true explosion of taste - anyone who first tastes a drink Bolero Drink is surprised by the intensity of taste and sweetness; One sachet is designed to dissolve in 1.5 liters of water, but most people prefer a milder taste, so that from one package, you can get 3 and even 4 liters of fantastic non-calorie drink.

Bolero Drink is an innovative product with a refined formula based on stewii. Intense tastes can take the form of a traditional drink, you can also use them as an ingredient of ice dessert or to prepare dessert glaze - in this role especially good are the flavors Bolero Drink like coconut or almond.

Bolero Drink is an ideal alternative to unhealthy, sugar-flavored sweets - although you know that they are harmful, sometimes it's hard to be tempted; in those moments the temptation to come is just a sweet Bolero Drink Zero calorie drink.

Bolero Instant Drink is an optimum solution for bodybuilders or dieters who are looking for a way to incorporate into their diet without guilt - the Bolero Drink does not contain calories, so you can carry a bottle of drink all day and reach for it. Your thirst or desire for something sweet is captured. Among the huge range of intense fruit tastes everyone will find their favorite!
Refreshing sachets Bolero Drink is a calorie-free fruit-flavored drink:

  •     Taste of real fruit juice
  •     Sweetened with stevia
  •     No sugar, suitable for diabetics
  •     Without gluten
  •     0 carbohydrates
  •     <5kcal
  •     100% of the daily requirement for vitamin C
  •     no preservatives
  •     No artificial colors

Put the contents of the sachet into 1.5L of water, shake or stir - ready! The milk mixed with the Bolero sachet turns into a delicious shake and after freezing - in an iced, milky-fruity dessert.

Enjoy the taste of sweet fruit and do not worry about calories!

Nutrition Facts

Portion 9g

Nutrition values per:
Portion 9g
Energy value
Energy value
Saturated fats
Trans fats
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Salt equivalent

Bolero Instant Fruit Flavored Drink with sweeteners, Watermelon - Mix powder for preparing a watermelon flavored drink with sweeteners

Net weight: 9g (for dilution in 1.5l water)

Sweeteners: acesulfame potassium, sucralose, steviol glycosides, trisodium glycoside regulator, tricalcium phosphate counteractant, tricalcium phosphate counteractant, thickeners: guar gum and acacia, L-carnitine, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), dye: carrot coloring concentrate

Storage: Store in a dry place

Method of preparation: Dissolve the sachet in 1.5L of water, shake. For a more delicate taste dissolve in more water (up to 2 liters).

Distributor: Walden Farms Cornelia Warda-Poniecka