Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
  • Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
  • Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
  • Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
  • Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
  • Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
  • Diet Food Makaron Konjac Shirataki Ryż 200g
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Diet Food

Diet-Food Diet Pasta Konjac Rice Pasta

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Gluten-free Shirataki Noodles Glucomannan Glutinous Rice is a completely natural, gluten-free konjac pasta that is the least calorie pasta, contains only 6kcal in 100g and thanks to high fiber content gives a very high satiety.

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Net weight 200 g; 4.15zł/100g


By replacing plain pasta or rice with shirataki noodles in one dish, you save about 300kcal - the perfect way to reduce calories, and additionally rich in shirataki pasta fiber for a long time satisfy the feeling of satiety - the fiber swells in the stomach and thus limits the appetite. Such a calorie savings can translate into a weight loss of about 0.5kg per week (depending on your weight and calorie intake) without making any other changes in your diet.

Pasta noodles can be combined with any sauces, suitable for both warm and cold dishes.

The most important information about pasta shirataki konjak:

  •     100% natural plant product
  •     gluten-free
  •     rich in soluble fiber
  •     no sugar, starch, protein, gluten
  •     almost without calories
  •     Diet-Food JAS is certified by JAS (Japanesse Agricultural Standard)
  •     odorless, flavorless pasta easily absorbs the taste and aroma of dishes to which it is added
  •     Easy and fast to prepare, does not require thermal treatment but only preheating
  •     Suitable for vegans, diabetics, people with food allergies (gluten, soy)

Konjac Pasta Diet Food is a rich source of soluble fiber. Replacing only one meal a day with a shirataki meal results in a significant increase in the daily intake of fiber (up to 12g per serving of 250g) and has a huge impact on lowering the daily intake of calories - both greatly affect weight loss.

Pasta is in a package filled with translucent liquid that is a solution of calcium hydroxide - it is not a preservative, but a stabilizer, thanks to which the pasta retains its shape. When you open the package you can feel the characteristic odor of the starch, the smell disappears completely after the pasta has been poured with running water before preparation.

How to use shirataki pasta:

  •     let go of the pasta pasta
  •     pour cold pasta with water, pour cold water
  •     add to sauce, meat or other dishes (use everywhere you normally use 'normal' pasta) at the very end of cooking, so that the pasta has the temperature you want - you do not need to cook it

Nutrition Facts

Portion 200g

Nutrition values per:
Portion 200g

Diet-Food Diet Pasta Konjac Rice Pasta

Weight: 340g; net weight after draining 200g

Composition: water, root flour, conidant, acidity regulator: calcium hydroxide.

Gluten free product.

Nutritional values per 100g: 27 kj / 6.4 kcal, 0g fats, 0.5g carbohydrates (including 0g sugars), 0gb fiber, 4.5g fiber, 0g sodium, 40mg calcium

Producer: Made in China for PPHU MIPAMA E.Z. Szafarz sp.j.

Storage: After opening, keep in a refrigerator, sealed, eat within 3 days.